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Payments & EPOS

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Quick and secure payments, excellent support, easy to use and fully customisable EPOS solutions suitable for any business. 

Suitable for any business

Regardless of your industry, NuvolaPAY provides seamless control over all aspects of your business operations.

Low cost transaction fee

Quick setup

Next day payment

No hidden fees

Excellent support

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NuvolaPAY Standalone

NuvolaPAY processes payments in seconds, whether they’re made with cash, card or contactless methods. Its swift and versatile capabilities ensure a smooth and efficient payment experience for both you and your customers for low rates without hidden fees!

NuvolaPAY All-in-one 

Including Electronic Point of Sale software it can easily handle all your necessities in one device. Get paid effortlessly, speed up order processing, and efficiently manage your business in one place with our low-cost all-in-one device.

NuvolaPAY Lite

Whether you’re just beginning or expanding, NuvolaPAY Lite adapts to your business needs, handling everything from reporting to payments. Plus, it’s compatible with accessories like barcode scanners, ensuring it scales with your business.

Support, but just on another level

We take those extra steps to set you up for success.

A helpdesk dedicated to you, our customer

One-stop-shop packages to suit

A team with amazing product knowledge

Fully programmed, trained and QA checked

98% first-fix success rate

Proven track record of customer satisfaction

Why choose NuvolaPAY payment device?

NuvolaPAY features integrated 4G connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted acceptance of contactless payments even if your Wi-Fi connection falters. Also, you’ll receive your earnings the next day, every day of the week, at no extra cost.

How do I set up and use my NuvolaPAY payment device?

We’ll handle the entire setup process and dispatch the payment device directly to your chosen address so you can skip the hassle of installation.

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Microtill is the leading provider of EPOS solutions. Microtill made a significant impact by helping countless businesses boost sales, cut costs, and streamline inventory management. 

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Microtill’s ongoing success stems from expertise and strong relationships with customers and nationally recognised partners.

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